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"Family" : A Psephological Holy Grail?
By Joanna Roughton

Politicians love families. Or, at least, they say they do. Listen to a budget speech, or Prime Minister's Questions, and you will hear one phrase repeated ad nauseum; "hard-working families".
Messy homes mess up lives
By Aggie MacKenzie

Feeling guilty about the dishes you left in the sink this morning? The cupboards you never get around to cleaning out? The dust piling up under the bed that is difficult to move? May...
Household economics 101: human capital
By Michael-Burkhard Piorkowsky

If other social institutions had to perform the tasks of the home, society would immediately collapse Many valuable goods are produced in the home, but because they do not involve payment they are largely invisible...
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Press Releases
Home & Identity Conference
Home Renaissance Foundation is gaining renown in its own right throughout all corners of the world. This has been proved especially this year, as New Zealand takes over the organisation of our next conference......
Announcement - Home and Identity: The Private-Public Nexus
'David Cameron tempted to offer tax breaks to hire cleaners.' So said the Guardian on February 10. The PM's interest in the Swedish model of encouraging the legitimisation of domestic workers prompted a strong reaction in the UK press......
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