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HRF launches the 2nd International Conference in the Excellence in the Home series- From house to home
Press Releases
HRF launches the 2nd International Conference in the Excellence in the Home series
Catherine McMahon, 20th April Catherine McMahon, 20th April 2008

Home Renaissance Foundation launches the second International Conference in the Excellence in the Home series – From House to Home.

London, November 20th & 21st 2008
The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

The central objective of the Home Renaissance Foundation is to promote greater recognition of the importance of the work required to create the kind of home which both meets the specific needs of the individual and family and which, in a more general way, plays an important part in building up a more humane society.

In its second international Conference, entitled Excellence in the Home – From House to Home, Home Renaissance Foundation are welcoming as keynote speakers Piers Gough, architect, principal of CZWG Architects LLP, Alfonso Vegara, architect-planner and Charles Handy, a leading management expert and author.

The conference will focus on how the physical structure of buildings influence the way a home can be created, how interior and exterior space affects the individual’s well-being and development, and how management skills may be honed so as to run the home more effectively and sustainably.

The conference will bring together experts from a range of disciplines to study and discuss the realities and methods involved in transforming a house into an effective and flourishing home. It will analyse and assess contemporary trends in the design and construction of residential spaces, especially in reference to the planning of quality urban areas. The conference will also provide a platform to discuss the anthropology of architecture, interior aesthetics, and questions of domestic sustainability. In doing so, it hopes to bolster the vital role played by the home in enabling us to live in a well-balanced society.

The conference will be chaired by Bryan Sanderson CBE.

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