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Press Releases
Sustainability also Begins at Home, Experts Say

LONDON, 23 January 2011 – The Sustainable Living: Professional Approaches to Housework conference, taking place this 17th and 18th of March at the Grocers Hall in London, will attract an international host of speakers from across disciplines to explore how housework carried out to professional standards can help to create sustainable societies through the individuals it touches in the home.

Speakers from different fields will explore how being raised in a home with sustainable practices results in adults who are able to contribute positively to their immediate community and wider society.

The conference will also address how sustainable practices in energy consumption and waste production can have a cultural and educational impact in teaching new generations responsible sustainable practices. The Sustainable Living: Professional Approaches to Housework conference aims to promote expertise and excellence in training in all the occupations related to work in the home as a vehicle for the quality of life for present and future generations.

Keynote speakers:

  • Healthy environment at home: Aggie Mackenzie, television presenter of How Clean is Your House, Channel 4 and writer of hugely successful ‘Ask Aggie’ Penguin publication
  • The influence of the home on social dynamics: Sergio Belardinelli, philosopher and expert on bioethics, Professor of the University of Bologna on Sociology of Cultural Processes, Faculty of Political Science "Roberto Ruffilli".
  • Housework and legal frameworks: Peggie Smith, leading scholar and American legal expert on regulations of care givers and Professor of Law at Washington University
  • Human Ecology: Home, work and society. Mauri Ahlberg, currently Visiting Professor of the University of Exeter’s Graduate School of Education.

In addition, two panel discussions, chaired by two professors from the IESE Business School, will take place during the conference: The role businesses play in sustainable domestic development and Technical, interpersonal and personal competences of housework.

Home Renaissance Foundation is pleased to invite members of the press to attend the conference in part or in its entirety. Please contact us for further information on the speakers and the scientific committee members.

Press Contact:
Angela Dauterman Ordaz
Telephone: +44 207 229 2351


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