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Home Makers

Announcing Our 2014 Annual Conference in Bogota, Colombia

Home Renaissance Foundation's next stop will be Bogota, Colombia, from December 3-5 2014 where our Conference "Development & Sustainability: Care in Daily Life" will be co-hosted with the Universidad de la Sabana in association with INALDE's Culture, Work and Care Research Centre. The schedule will include a day of workshops on different topics as well as a day and a half of conference and paper presentations. Click Here for the Call for Papers

HRF at the Second International Conference on Family and Society

HRF Director Sophia Aguirre gave the inaugural lecture at the Second International Conference on Family and Society, Family and Sustainable Development that took place at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (IUC) in Barcelona. The conference was organised under the aegis of the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family. HRF was a conference partner and hosted a panel on "Home Environments and Sustainability". For more on the conference, click here.

HRF Ahead of the Curve in Tackling Obesity Through Research

Home Renaissance Foundation strives to be relevant and we believe our research initiatives have been ahead of the curve in key areas of social policy research. One good example dates back to 2006. That was the year we hosted a conference entitled Excellence in the Home: Balanced Diet - Balanced Life. Immodest it may be to say this out loud - but it seems we have been remarkably prescient. Because in recent years there has been a mounting consensus that family meals matter.

Homemakers Project Global Impact

The main objective of the Homemakers Project, which consists on a documentary and 40 short videos, is to help recognize the value of housework chores in building home environments, to promote housework as a professional field, to promote initiatives supporting family-work balance, to support people whose professional choice is housework, to counteract the current social pressure that restricts many people, especially women, from choosing a career consistent with the needs of their family, and to create awareness that running a household requires training, just as in other professions.

Teaming up : International Organizations have joined us

The Foundation is entering new partnerships with international organisations. The British lobbying group Mothers At Home Matter, widely covered in the media, has developed its link with HRF. We have co-signed the Declaration of the Civil Society in preparation for the 20th Ann. of the Year of UN Year of the Family. Our ties with Argentina has developed through our link with IAE Argentinian Business School, host to the first Latin American launch of Homemakers Project the past June in the Buenos Aires Golden Salon of the Legislature Building.


First HRF Journal Publication in "Hospitality & Society"

HRF has had its first associated publication in a peer-reviewed academic journal. Anne Zahra of the University of Waikato, as editor of the themed issue has published papers from HRF's Third Annual Conference in Hospitality & Society. Her editorial entitled "Navigating Interdisciplinary Inhospitableness: The Home-Hospitality Interface" introduced the papers "Responsive homes of old Cairo: Learning from the past, feeding in the future" by Dr. Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem of Queens' University Belfast and "Work-home balance: A Management Perspective" by Dr. Kathleen Farrell.
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