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As a think tank, we promote a greater recognition of the work that goes into creating healthy and congenial home environments. Individuals grow and develop at home, so it is in society's best interests to look after it.

Domestic work is not merely a collection of services such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking. It is a values system in which science, art, psychology, culture, skills and an aptitude for management all play a part.
Work in the home allows the individual to develop in his or her most intimate environment: the home and the relationships that flourish within it. Every individual needs this care whether they are children, elderly, adolescents or men and women with demanding and stressful professions.

What we do...

Interdisciplinary research Interdisciplinary research gives us the tools to raise awareness of the value of the work of the home. We strive to become an authority on knowledge relating to the home, the work of the home and the care of the family. Excellence in Training We aim to ensure that our inherited traditions, natural talents and the correct and efficient use of new technologies all contribute toward the creation of nurturing and well-run homes. International Initiatives As an international organization based in London, we strive to support and back many initiatives carried out around the world. We also support projects within our scope in third world countries

Home Renaissance Foundation carries out this work and acts as a catalyst for change in a number of ways. We encourage and back research projects on a vast number of topics relating to work in the home. In order to facilitate academic dialogue between subjects we organise conferences, seminars and symposiums that focus on a specific aspect of the home. We also raise awareness of the importance of housework through locally-based training initiatives in various countries and through our growing presence in the media.
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